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BadBlue Excel Web Spreadsheet Collaboration Server BadBlue Excel Web Spreadsheet Collaboration Server shares Excel files, photos and music
Size: 703 KB
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share files photo share files Excel server  
Collaboration Collaboration is a free internet multiplayer game where players cooperate and compete to write a short story together. This game is part of the Synthetic Reality "Arcadia" family of games. (http://www
Size: 1.43 MB
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write story Short Story free internet game  
ShowMyPC Collaboration ShowMyPC Remote Support Desktop sharing, Remote PC Access, Multiple Languages
Size: 1.2 MB
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show remote desktop remote access remote PC controller  
Collaboration Addin Add conference info to Meeting/E-mail forms, include your logo and hyperlinks, forget all those #s.
Size: 3.17MB
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fax service provider news service provider hyperlinks  
Data Collaboration Uncertainty propagation in predictive models made easy.
Size: 7.5 MB
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science propagation calculator propagation prediction  
UVC Collaboration Suite Groupware and Collaboration Software Suite.
Size: 14.90MB
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EdgeDesk (was VisualOffice) web-based e-mail & collaboration suite
Size: 18.12MB
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web collaboration  
Lotus QuickPlace Self-service web tool for team collaboration.
Size: -
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team collaboration system team collaboration  
Microsoft Office Live Meeting 2007 Client Online collaboration and web conferencing at your fingertips
Size: 16.2 MB
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conference meeting collaboration collaboration platform  
Comindwork web based S/W for project management & team collaboration
Size: 3.91K
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project collaboration team collaboration system  
KAOrg Online Organizer Plug and play PIM and collaboration application for your web site.
Size: 450K
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Plug-and-Play Plug and Play Web application plug-in  
Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2010 Provide a secure, manageable, and web-based collaboration platform.
Size: -
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collaboration platform web platform web collaboration  

web collaboration in description

Kablink Teaming Kablink open team collaboration software uses social networking to Unify team workspaces w/ real-time web conferencing. Collaboration for knowledge networking, program management, communities-of-pract...
Size: 107MB
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mp3 cutter software bluetooth software for  
BrowserCom Create instant peer-to-peer collaboration between any two web pages using only a web browser and instant messenger service. With BrowserCom, browsers participating in a peer-to-peer collaboration sess...
Size: 484.38K
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Workgroup Message Handler The recommended method for collaboration is to use Microsoft Office Project Server 2003 and Microsoft Office Project web Access 2003.
Size: 1.6 MB
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collaboration handler Microsoft Office PowerPoint  
QuickGroups Server Existing methods of online collaboration usually involve registering a domain, paying for a web hosting account and then installing and configuring the database and bulletin board options that can mak...
Size: 768K
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Applibase Xprss Applibase Xprss is useful multi-user collaboration utility that combines private blogs and RSS aggre...The power of blogging and RSS in speeding the movement of ideas on the web is now evident. For enter...
Size: 25.6 MB
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Blog private user Aggregation Manager RSS aggregation  
Mindquarry Collaboration Server The Mindquarry collaboration Server is a set of well proven professional collaboration tools made easy to be usable for everyone. Mindquarry Collaboration Server includes file sharing with desktop syn...
Size: 66.16MB
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server manager file sharing synchronize members