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LuxCal Web Based Event Calendar On this site LuxSoft offers its free web based event calendar, called LuxCal, which will help you to organise and keep track of your appointments and events in an easy and user-friendly way from any i
Size: 85.45 KB
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Web POS - Imonggo Free Web Based POS Software Training Guide Learn to use Imonggo Web POS and operate and manage hundreds of retail stores.
Size: 1000k
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Web-based Scrapbook Manage your Web site in a book-like form.
Size: 216.11K
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Web-based EaseBackup The HTML-based backup solution with support of revolutionary Patch technology and Online storages allow you to protect your information everywhere, anytime - at home, at work, or on the road-and it ke
Size: 454K
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Web-based CRM - CRMWeb CRMWeb is a flexible, efficient and easy to use web-based (hosted) CRM solution for small and medium-sized companies. CRMWeb is integrating all departments that are relevant for the success of your bu
Size: 6697K
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Web Based IBN HelpDesk Web based Help Desk Software that provides tools for effective tracking and managing client requests and internal incidents. With IBN HelpDesk you can easily ...
Size: 31980
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dhtmlxScheduler Lightweight, fast and highly customizable Ajax event calendar
Size: 1.4 MB
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dhtmlxScheduler :: Ajax Event Calendar dhtmlxScheduler is a Web-based JavaScript event calendar that provides rich and intuitive scheduling solution similar to Microsoft Outlook Calendar, Apple's iCal or Google Calendar. Lightweight, fast
Size: 1.40 MB
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Flash Web Calendar The script allows you to easily put a calendar on your web sites. The web calendar uses flash to display days and notes associated with each date and a PHP script is used to manage all the calendar da
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Online School Calendar Teachers or administrators can post events that appear on targeted calendars, the school website, and on homepages of each student and parent. You can quickly create color-coded online calendars for d
Size: 97 KB
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HotShift Calendar HotShift Calendar - Desktop calendar for Fire and EMS, Printing utility and web calendar generator
Size: 3.4 MB
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Thyme Thyme is a useful and robust Web-based calendar suite
Size: 3.81K
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Google (embedded) Calendar Web Part NET -Tags : Office/Business, SharePoint 2007, MOSS 2007, calendar, web part -User Interface : web-based
Size: 5KB
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2012 Calendar you can find many tools that will help you planning anything where calendars are one of those useful tools. 2012 Calendar is an Excel based calendar that allows you to make your plan for next year. Bu...
Size: 22 KB
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SohoCalendar (x) [b]Sohocalendar[/b] has been implemented in order to provide ASP.NET developers with an easy yet visual way to select date and/or time in web forms and applications. Both inline and popup approaches s...
Size: 261KB
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NetObjects Web Calendar The NetObjects Web calendar is a component that allows you to create and maintain your own Web calendar, which you can customize by choosing or setting up a custom style. This will allow you to organi...
Size: 6.64MB
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Creator builder calendar web calendar calendar builder  
WebReminder [b]WebReminder[/b] is a web-based calendar with alarm function writtenin Java.It can be used as multi-user server system in intranet or internet oras personal calendar on the local PC of the user. [b]...
Size: 986KB
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iTechArt Google (embedded) Calendar Web Part NET[/li] [li]Tags : Office/Business, SharePoint 2007, MOSS 2007, calendar, web part[/li] [li]User Interface : web-based[/li] [/ul] SharePoint Google (embedded) Calendar Web Part blog Need Custom Share...
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